Order of Protection Attorney in Mesa, AZ

You can obtain an order of protection at Justice Court, City Court, or Superior Court. I recommend Superior Court. If there is a family court matter already pending, it must be filed in Superior Court. Orders of Protections (aka restraining orders) are designed to prevent domestic violence–actual or threatened–which includes stalking, physical intimidation, etc… Formulate a safety plan. The Order of Protection is effective only after it is served. You cannot serve it yourself. If the other party PracticeArea7 v3requests a hearing, be prepared to testify. Have witnesses appear in person. You should seek legal advice from our Mesa restraining order lawyers to ensure your legal rights and your family are protected.

If there is an Order of Protection against you:

Under all circumstances, DO NOT VIOLATE it or you likely be arrested. Remember–if you do violate it, the police will investigate the violation and you are the prime suspect. Examine the Order of Protection and the Petition. Look who is included in the restraining order. The Order is what you must obey. Be very careful. An Order of Protection is a quasi-criminal matter. Seek legal advice at once, and before you attend a hearing. The hearing will be scheduled quickly. If you lose at the hearing (i.e. the protective order stays in place), you cannot request another hearing–you are only permitted by law to have one hearing on this Order of Protection in a year. Seek legal advice from a Mesa lawyer about restraining orders and protection orders before proceeding in this serious legal matter.

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