Client Testimonials

 “Before you schedule an appointment with Deborah, make sure you have your ‘act’ together. You may not like her direct approach, but believe me, it’s for your best interest. She’ll let you know where you stand after you first meet her. Ms. Varney came HIGHLY recommended from someone who had faced her in a previous family court matter. In my case, she faced a near impossible task of rehabilitating an image so distorted by innuendo, perception, and doubt, that when presented with my position, she made it absolutely clear that I would be lucky to get half of the pthumbs uparenting time I had before. I knew this to be true, but felt that after meeting her, she posed the best chance I had. To make matters worse, she was asked to adeptly handle an extremely short time frame to prepare for trial. (Most attorneys would decline to represent on this basis alone). Her prices were fair, especially considering the difficult task.

Her pre-trial preparation was phenomenal. She expects the client to conduct himself/herself in a manner that is consistent with their desired outcome. She pulls no punches. Her style is direct, confident, and her courtroom demeanor works perfectly in a contentious proceeding. Her presentation skills are so impressive, that she was able to impress upon opposing counsel that it would be in his client’s best interest to settle … or else deal with an attorney who would battle for their client’s rights the way prosecutor Juan Martinez has done for Travis and his family in the Jodi Arias trial. OMG I would HATE to have to face this attorney in court! Do yourself a favor and place her on retainer now if you know that, down the road, you may need her. She knows how to win. If you think she is intimidating, just imagine what it would feel like if you faced her. And, by the way, she helped me to get the exact parenting time I had before, despite all of the obstacles she had to overcome. I can only imagine what she would have been able to do with ample time and more preparation. After all, she’s actually a good person.” – Eric B.

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“Deborah’s support during this difficult process, along with her guidance, counsel, and knowledge helped me manage through my situation.  Her prompt responsiveness to questions and concerns has been professional and a great assistance.” – W.B.

thumbs up“If you are looking for a fierce family law attorney, look no further!  You’ve come to the right place.  Deb has been my divorce and child custody attorney since 2002.  She is extremely knowledgeable regarding Arizona’s divorce and custody laws.  Deb is dedicated to each and every client she serves.  She is priceless in the courtroom and goes above and beyond any attorney I’ve ever seen to meet the needs of her clients and ensure the best outcome of the case.  I would highly recommend her for anyone in need of a family law attorney.  In my opinion, there is no one better for the job.  Ask my ex-husband…he would cringe as soon as she walked in the room.” – Kerry M.

“I found myself in a bond.  My divorce was finalized; however, there were many problems that had developed.  My friend, a family law lawyer thumbs upwas unable to represent me due to being out of state.  He identified Deborah Varney as my best choice due to her background in family counseling and judge pro tem experience.  I had three major legal actions that needed to be dealt with:  present child support, child support arrearages, and sole custody.  Deborah Varney not only won all three cases, she also counseled me through appropriate expectations.  She was able to keep me stress-free so that I could perform my duties at work and home.  She is terrific and I would recommend her to anyone in need of family legal services.” – A.L.

thumbs up“I had been divorced almost ten years but had not been consistently receiving child support.  I had tried another attorney during that time with only limited success.  When I met with Deborah Varney the first time, I knew things were going to improve.  I felt very confident in her.  We were able to go to court and get a new order of child support plus arrearages owed to me.  Deborah’s advice and support have allowed me to hold my ex-husband accountable and receive the child support on a much more consistent basis.  Deborah is tough and knowledgeable as well as being accessible whenever I have had questions.  I feel very grateful.” – Angie

thumbs upDeborah Varney literally gave me and my children back our life! I was 7 years into a very volatile post decree battle when I hired Deborah. There were very serious issues at hand and she immediately brought perspective, assurance, and hope. Deborah does not play games, is totally committed to the best interest of her clients, and tells it like it is…even if it is sometimes hard to hear.

I have never experienced an attorney like Deborah Varney and she has proven herself time and time again during a very difficult time in my life. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate Deborah and her staff – AMAZING! – Michael

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to those considering preparing their own documents without any consultation. My wife and I get along great and decided it best to prepare out own documents and go through the process independent of any attorneys. The papers were filed and prior to letting it go to default I thought I should at least have an attorney take a look to make sure all is in order. Best decision I ever made. thumbs upUnwittingly, I was giving away parental rights and paying more than required.

Deborah is very straight forward, organized and takes the time to bring you up to speed on the divorce process from the beginning to end. Additionally, she was able to review documents and clarify where corrections were needed along with the correct verbiage so that both I and my spouse were protected. I realized then the importance of being detailed in your documents so that nothing is left to chance. I highly recommend her to any that might be considering advice or representation. 

Thank you, Deborah, for being there for me. After I left I felt as though a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders and was at peace for the first time in a long while. Not understanding the process was my first mistake. Thanks again for all you do! – Alan C.

thumbs upDeborah Varney was referred to me for some legal issues I was having concerning custody, visitation, and an Order of Protection. This was my first experience with a lawyer and I was somewhat hesitant I had heard countless stories of lawyers who were not that knowledgeable or were lazy and didn’t work. To my surprise, Deborah Varney was exactly the opposite. 

From the beginning, I found out that she is very knowledgeable. She knew exactly what to do for my problem, and was diligent getting my problems solved. Thanks to Deborah, I had a total victory in court and my legal problems are over. I will remain a client of hers indefinitely and I highly recommend her to anyone having Family Law problems. – E.C.